Wednesday, 7 November 2007

with a little help from my friends...

The Beatles got that one right. Here's a little help from our friend across the pond in NYC.

Many thanks to rhinoscripting guru Marc Fornes of theverymany for his coding assistance, illustrated below.
No, it's not arabic script, it's rhinoscript. 600+ panels, unrolled, nested and annotated...

a sample profile...we still need to optimize profile lengths to fit on a standard 5m x 1.2m or 3m x 1.2m Fibre-C sheets....and of course nest them for optimal material usage.
a sample of a script Marc wrote to generate a pattern for the segmentation of the surface based on subdividing the isocurves of our "host" surface.
another iteration of the same script. unfortunately, we can't use these scripts as we are now being asked to limit section profiles to be completely planar.

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