Tuesday, 6 November 2007

structural optimization...

To optimise the structural performance, and reduce the possible range of tolerances on the joints, we are developing the pavilion as three distinct, but interwoven structures that will be spliced together:

1. Roof canopy
2. Seating
3. Deck

We have also modified the geometry and the sections so that all section cuts are now completely planar. This will help reduce the complexity and tolerances for assembling something with over 1500 joints. Still trying to get that number down too, without losing the density of the structure.

To do so, we are working on a structural pattern that will break the continuous spans of the sectional profiles shown in the images below into sectional lengths based on the standard dimensions of fibre-c panels (5mx1.2m and 3mx1.2m).

Here's a few screen shots of the revised roof geometry and sectional profiles:

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