Friday, 9 November 2007

rapid prototype of the pavilion skin...

Immediately following the competition win, we were able to utilize the digital prototyping facilities at the AA to produce a Z-Corp rapid prototype of the pavilion "skin" for a quick geometry check. This "skin" is modeled as the topological volumetric form of the pavilion, and is materialised through the sectioning of the skin with a series of fanning arrays of planar cuts which produce the Fibre-C lattice. This allows us to produce a geometry of continuous complex curves, while utilizing conventional flat panels.

This model has already proved invaluable as a design tool for identifying areas of the geometry that need to be revised, as well as having a tangible piece for discussion with our structural engineers AKT.

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Anonymous said...

This is boring. I'd much rather discuss Gehry and Calatrava's week.