Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Pavilion Detail - Day 13

Construction - Day 13

photo by Valerie Bennett

Steelwork fabrication

Here's an image taken by Yusuke of the steel work being assembled in Nottingham yesterday. The partial frame is required to give the Fibre-C shell some additional lateral stiffness under windloading conditions. The frame will be painted and then delivered to site before the end of this week.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


As any designer knows, you never get it right on the first try. However, reflecting on the path taken to arrive often illuminates the view at the final destination...

As things are gearing up for the upcoming DRL 10 Exhbition opening on Friday at the AA, we've been doing some back logging and digging up some of the various versions of the pavilion that have led us to where we are now.

The following images are from various stages of the development of the project and include early formal explorations of "skins", tests on sectioning and profiling arrangements, geometrical rationalization, and structural optimization. There are elements we have refined, developed, and improved. There are moments where we have had to sacrifice for the sake of constructability, efficiency, and structural stability. You win lose some. In reverse chronological's a few alternative versions of the pavilion...


The second shipment of panels from Rieder has arrived. this means we will soon start to see the pavilion "noses" taking shape.

The "noses" are also where the structure is under the greatest order for the material to take these stresses where the vertical load of the roof is being transferred to the horizontal deck, the ribs in these locations are triple laminated by bolting three sheets of 13mm Fibre-C sheets together.

The resulting slot is where the next profile will slide in and complete the laminated splice joint.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Construction Day 11

photo by Valerie Bennett