Thursday, 14 February 2008

Gasket detail - Condition D

Throughout the pavilion we have 4 different joint conditions, and 8 gasket types. Each of the joint conditions is determined by the assembly logic required at that location. Each of the gasket types is determined by the angle of intersection.

At the first phase of ground level assembly, we only have Condition D - Ground global profile (concrete) to ground cross profile (concrete), which utilizes gasket type 8, which is a flat 80mm x 50mm x 17mm EPDM rubber pad.

Joints on the ground members have no need for the locking gaskets to keep the profiles in place because gravity will work just fine, with the weight of the entire structure sitting on these guys, no one is lifting them off.

So, as a means of reducing costs, we opted for flat rubber pads which are glued in place at each notch to take up the difference in the over-size notch to make it a tight fit notch, but retaining enough fexibility for construction tolerances and to compensate for the fact that the intersections are angled.

After these pads have been glued into place, then the primay ground profiles can be inserted into the cross profiles.

Here's a detail, and some photos.

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