Tuesday, 12 February 2008

CD or AD?

Here's a few sample sheets from our set of construction drawings. Unlike the typical 2D construction document set you would find on a conventional building site, our drawings relate more to an IKEA flat-pack assembly diagram, with 2D views identifying an array of individual pre-fabricated components, and a series of procedural 3D views detailing how to orient and assemble them.

There are three main categories for components, all of which are pre-fabricated and delivered to site:

1. Steel
2. Fibre-C
3. EPDM Rubber Gaskets (joints)

All drawings have been produced exclusively in Rhino 4's drawing layout functions, with some help from the Technical Drawing Plug-in.

Additionally, the 1:10 physical model has been taken down to the site, and is being used as a live "construction reference" during the assembly process.

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