Monday, 25 February 2008

DRL10 Exhibition

From the AA website:

  • AA Exhibitions
  • DRL Ten
  • 25/02/2008 -18/03/2008
    Mon–Fri, 10.00-7.00, Sat, 10.00–3.00
The exhibition celebrates the tenth anniversary of the AA’s Design Research Lab (DRL), featuring current work by DRL tutors and students as well as projects selected from some 354 DRL graduates, as part of a series of events in February and March. The collective mission of the DRL TEN events is to narrate the history of student and staff work, to evaluate the programme’s collaborative teaching and learning methods, and to speculate on future terms of design research in an evolving global architectural culture.

A further physical manifestation of the DRL’s vision will be on display in Bedford Square in March in the form of a pavilion designed by Alan Dempsey (DRL 2002) and Alvin Huang (DRL 2004). Their (C)Space Pavilion – selected through competition – will be constructed of fibre-reinforced precast concrete panels.

DRL TEN: A Design Research Compendium, the second book in the AADRL Documents series will be published in March and combines a visual survey of the evolution of the DRL with texts by the programme directors and Andrew Benjamin, Mark Burry, Mark Cousins, Zaha Hadid, Christopher Hight and Jeffrey Kipnis, among others.

DRL TEN is curated by Yusuke Obuchi, Patrik Schumacher, Theodore Spyropoulos and Tom Verebes.

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andres said...

yesterday afternon i was walking toward goodge street station when i abruptly saw this thing in bedford square called thing because i dont know what it was so i when there to find out but i deside to let my imagination
discover it after few minutes i thought it was a sunchair then i saw more people come and enjoy it even a squirrel so i realise it was the future a wonderfull structure that conbine nature and tecnology made from frienly environment materials and using this combinations we can change the wold then i could sit down relax and think about a better future