Wednesday, 5 December 2007

how to build a pavillion in 9 easy steps...

Here is the lastest plan of attack for the on-site assembly of the pavilion, based in large part by what we learned from our failures with the plywood mock-up, and on the phased production schedule of the Fibre-C profiles which we have agreed with Rieder.

1. Cross Members of Floor deck are layed in place

2. Primary Deck, Bench, and Wall profiles inserted into deck.

3. Lower wall Cross Profiles inserted.

4. Plywood framed jig support erected

5. Primary Global profiles are lifted into place via crane and positioned on jig support.

6. Top Cross Profiles are placed, locking entire roof structure together, and splicing the roof to the walls.

7. Horizontal Bench Profiles are inserted

8. Bench Cross profiles are placed forming the horizontal surfaces of the bench and counter areas.


Sure looks easy...doesn't it? We've still got a lot to figure out, but the wheels are in always, more to come...


davide del giudice said...

it' s look like so easy ;)

compliments for your work.

good luck


tmwK said...

i keep following. fascinating i must say :)

but you forgot step 10 -
open the champagne bottles...