Friday, 2 November 2007

it begins...

Following the great news of the competition win, we now have to figure out how to build this thing. And do it within the very short time frame we have. And with a limited budget. and reasonable amount of material.

At the competition phase, we had 589 elements with over 7000 joints! We need to get those numbers down...and quickly.

7000 intersections = 7000 joints = 14000 neoprene shoes!!

So...we have started looking at reducing the density of the section profiles, and we are also looking at breaking the continuity of the cross sections as well. . Here's some images of the first version, with a material reduction of about 20%. This one is down to about 1900 intersections.

As you can see below, it's interesting to see how the density of the sections changes by your perspective. Both images are of the same density option, but are viewed from different positions.

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